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I have my license key but it says expired
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The keycodes only invalidate if you're entering the keycode wrong, don't have the correct version of the plugin installed, using something other than a keycode like a product ID, (product IDs look like this XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX) picking up leading and/or trailing spaces when you copy/paste the keycode or you're using the keycode for the wrong product. Please note that you can't use the Photoshop Portraiture keycode in Lightroom as each product has a separate keycode. All of our keycodes for plugins are 32 alphanumeric characters, all capital letters, with no O's (ohs), only zeroes and no spaces or hyphens.

You can copy/paste the keycode into TextEdit (mac) or Notepad (Windows) then copy from there into the license field making sure you don't pickup any extra characters. Make sure in mac TextEdit to select Format---Make Plain Text...Ok before you copy/paste the keycode into the license field.

Open up TextEdit on your Mac and copy/paste the serial keycode from your invoice into TextEdit.
Open up Photoshop, then Portraiture and make sure the License Key Installation screen is open. DO NOT fill out any info, leave all fields blank.
Hilite the keycode in TextEdit making sure that there is nothing hilited except the 32 characters of the keycode. This is a MUST!
Select Format--Make Plain Text in the TextEdit menu and allow the change
Press CMD-C on the keyboard or Edit Copy in the TextEdit menu.
Switch to the License Key Installation screen, click in the License Key field to make the cursor active in this field.
You can either right click and select paste from the popup menu or press CMD-V (Command and V at the same time) to paste the key in.
After the key pastes, go to the other fields and fill ALL of them in.
Press OK in the licensing screen.
Press OK once again in Portraiture.
Shut down Photoshop...Please DO NOT run Portraiture again or use any Photoshop or Lightroom command.
Restart your system.
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