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How do I retrieve a lost license key?
Posted by - NA -, Last modified by Customer Success Specialist on 25 March 2019 12:22 PM
If you need to retrieve your keycodes, please follow the appropriate steps below:

a) If you made your purchase after November 2006, please use our Customer Care Center powered by our webshop partner, Share-It, whereby you can not only view your order status and history but also receive your product activation code(s) on the spot. This resource is available to use at your convenience.

b) If you purchased an Imagenomic product BEFORE November 1st, 2006, or if you are unable to retrieve the key for some reason, please submit a ticket at and our Sales team will retrieve your license keycodes from our archives. Please provide as much information as possible:
1. Under what name was the purchase made?
2. Please list all the email addresses you may have used for purchasing.
3. What was your phone number at the time of your purchase?
4. What was your billing address at the time of your purchase?
5. The date or the approximate timeframe (year/month) of your purchase.
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