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I receive an error message that the license key is not valid or has expired.
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Please be advised that there is no time expiration or related restrictions for Imagenomic product activation codes/license keys. For 99.9 percent of customer cases reporting a problem with invalid or expired keys, this is the result of one of the following:

a) The user is attempting to activate a different product edition (e.g. Pro vs. Standard) from what was purchased, and the activation process is generating this error message because of the product/license key mis-match. Please make sure you have downloaded and are activating the product edition(s) you have purchased. You can confirm your order information from the My Order link.

b) The license key is being manually entered incorrectly; we recommend that you COPY&PASTE the license keycode from the notification e-mail you received from us (or our webshop partner, Share-it) and make sure there are no leading or trailing spaces when pasting the keycode into the license field.

(TIP: in order to copy, please highlight the entire link with your mouse, right click, and then select "Copy"; then place your mouse pointer at the corresponding location, right click and select "Paste". Instead of using your mouse, you can also copy the link by pressing "CTRL" + "C", and then paste the link by pressing "CTRL" + "V" (Windows) and "Command" + "C" and "Command" + "V" for Macintosh).

If these steps do not remedy your situation, please contact our Support Team (
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