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How do I activate your software?
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Once the Installer successfully installs the trial version of the plug-in for the target host program such as Adobe Photoshop, you are ready to install the license keycode. In order to install the license keycode, you will need to:

1. Open/re-start the host program (i.e. Photoshop)
2. Open an image and
3. Open the plug-in

The "About" window will pop-up automatically as soon as the plug-in is started.

Click on the "Install License" button. The "License Key Installation" window will pop-up.

To enter your license information, please make sure that you COPY and PASTE the license keycode as it appears in your order details message ensuring that there are no leading or trailing spaces when pasting the license keycode. Also, if you attempt to apply the license keycode to a product edition other than the product edition you ordered (for example, Pro vs Standard Edition), the activation process will fail and you will receive an "invalid" or "expired" error message. Please ensure you have installed and are using the correct product edition you originally purchased; (you can reference the product's About menu to determine which product edition and version you are running).
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